Singer-Songwriter JPOPD1 Announces New Hit “Taste Your Lips,” Available on Major Streaming Platforms with Accompanying Short Story, Music Video


24 July 2020 – Miami, FL –John Michael Veiga, known professionally as JPOPD1, has announced the release of a new hit single, “Taste Your Lips.”An American singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer, “Taste Your Lips” is being released with an accompanying short-story and music video to engage fans and supporters from around the world.

Available on major digital streaming platforms August 10, 2020, “Taste Your Lips” will deliver the unique fusion of hip-hop, R&B, and pop that has invigorated fans and brought JPOPD1critical acclaim for his earlier hits. Produced in partnership with Leap Over Demons Publishing, JPOPD1’s independent label, “Taste Your Lips”will take fans through an emotional, true-life story and connect them around relatable themes of loneliness and despair. Showing music can heal and embrace differences, bridge gaps, and overcome hardships, JPOPD1’s new sound will be loved by supporters for its passionate and relatable nature. Future tracks, including“The Devil, She’sALiar” in October, will serve as a follow-up to this smash hit.

A self-published author, JPOPD1is making a short nine-page story available as part of this release throughAmazon. Available in eBook Kindle format, JPOPD1 the shortstory will further engage fans and supporters around the world behind JPOPD1’s motivation message.

About John Michael Veiga

John Michael Veiga, known professionally as JPOPD1, is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer from Miami, Florida. His 2016 single “Love In Miami” with group “NIGHTLYFE” was one of his first professional releases in the United States, attracting critical acclaim around the world.Comfortable with many different styles, he is finding success with each of his hits, including his most recent project, “Taste Your Lips.”An inspiration and admirable artist, each single is relatable and truthful, told with a heart-pounding and emotionally driven performance that ignites fans and supporters around the world.


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