Our first look at the ‘A Quiet Place’ sequel is here


Our first look at the ‘A Quiet Place’ sequel is here

Because this is a movie that has a premise around trying to maintain silence, transcribing what happens in the trailer took all of zero seconds.

It’s mostly just Emily Blunt acting with her eyes and her on-screen children (Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe) looking anxious.

In the world of “A Quiet Place,” Earth’s population has dwindled after extraterrestrial creatures with a keen sense of hearing have forced the surviving population to live their lives in complete silence.

As director and writer John Krasinski has said the sequel takes place pretty much right after the first film. In the sneak peek, Emily Blunt’s character is clearly still injured from stepping on a rusty nail and she’s wearing the same dress from the last movie.

The children look a little older, but, hey, this isn’t “The Simpsons.”

The first movie’s inventive premise, powerful ensemble cast and infectious word-of-mouth praise helped propel “A Quiet Place” to a $340 million worldwide box office gross.

“I think this set of circumstances and the fact that people are living through exactly what this family lived through, it’s kind of a world you can explore and re-explore and re-explore,” Krasinski told CNN earlier this year.

The follow-up to the horror film will hit theaters May 15, 2020.


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