Importance of the Role of Expectant Dads



When a man’s wife is expecting, he plays an important role in providing the support that his wife needs.  The expectant dad need to always support her during her pregnancy stage and after the baby is born.

During the pregnancy stage, the man provides support to make her forty weeks pregnancy a more manageable and enjoyable journey.  The pregnant lady undergoes hormonal changes and is more likely to be more emotional and stressed up.Hence, his support is important to help reduce his wife’s stress and help her better cope with her hormonal and body changes.

There are different types of support the expectant dad can provide to his wife during her pregnancy stage.  The expectant dad’s support for his wife is even more crucial if they are first time parents.  This is because parenthood is a big unknown for both of them and hence his support given during her pregnancy stage can help her better cope and prepare for her new motherhood role.

Accompany Wife for Gynaecologist’s Visits

Visiting the gynaecologist with his wife is a great way to show his support because it will make her gynaecologist’s visits less lonely.  In addition, he can help his wife to take down the information provided by the gynaecologist on their child’s development and clarify if required.  This is useful for them to monitor the progress of their baby’s growth.

Lastly, the ultrasound sessions during the visits help form a bond between the parents and the baby, which is helpful after the baby is born.

Accompany Wife To Expectant Parents’ Classes

Attending classes organised for expectant parents together with his wife provides great morale support.  These classes offer structured programs which usually include practical sessions.  These classes are aimed  to educate the parents on the do’s and don’ts and things to take note to prepare for the baby’s arrival and after the baby is born.

By attending the classes together, the couple is motivated not to miss any classes and they can exchange information after the classes to reinforced what they have learnt.  They can also form a community with their classmates and provide a strong support network for one another.

Bond with the baby-to-be

Bonding with the baby should start when the baby is in the mother’s womb.  The expectant dad can bond with the baby through massaging his wife’s baby bump, reading, chatting, or singing to the baby.

Reading, chatting, and singing to the baby are great ways to bond because the baby’s hearing is developing at all times which enable them to identify voices during the second trimester.

After the baby is born, the support gradually change to aid in the child’s development.  This include sharing the duties of looking after the child as this will help the wife better manage her new role.  In addition, this will provide her with more breathing space and me-time, which is essential for her to recover from childbirth.

With the above support given, the couple will surely enjoy their parenthood journey.


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