How to Show Support to Your Friend Who Is In Grief


When a friend is grieving, there are different ways to show your support to him as a friend.The relevance of the type of support given depends on the extent of grief experienced by your friend.

Firstly, you can spend time with your friend, being there physically with him, listening to his sorrows, without the need to provide any response.  Your physical presence provides him with the emotional support that he needs, when he goes through the five stages of grief.

Secondly, you may offer to help him run errands, such as going to the supermarket to buy food and groceries for him, buy meals, paying bills on his behalf and walk his dog.  This is a practical support given as your grieving friend may not be in a state to perform his daily tasks.

Lastly, giving your friend a sympathy gift is a suitable way to express your condolence and let him know you care and are there for your friend.  A sympathy gift is extremely relevant if you are not able to be there physically for your friend.

There are numerous sympathy gifts for your friend to consider and the choice of sympathy gifts depends on your relationship with the grieving friend and also the relationship of the grieving friend with the demise.


Words of comfort provide great solace to your grieving friend and show your support and convey your condolences to him.  The book is a great company for him during his sorrowful period, reading through the words will lift up his spirits and let him know that this too shall pass.

Keepsake box

Presenting your friend a keepsake box which allows him to keep memento of his loved one to help him keep preserve loving memories.  Include your words of condolences by placing it in the keepsake box to show your care and support for him.


This gift is suitable for the certain relationship between your friend and the demise.  You may consider a necklace or bracelet.  For very close relationships, wearing a jewelry that is engraved with the name of the demise is very meaningful because your friend feels that the demise loved one is close to her and with her daily, though has passed on.  You can further customised this jewelry by including a personalised message to bring her comfort.


Flowers is a foolproof sympathy gift to send condolence message to your friend because flowers symbolises love and love is what your friend requires during this difficult period.

The above list of sympathy gifts provides good reference to help you choose a suitable gift to comfort your friend and provide a support which he needs during this period of time.


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