Close Connects takes Jennifer Messina from 18k to 590k followers on Instagram


 With Facebook and Instagram being the top social platforms since 2011 or so, social media is more important than ever. It seems like everybody’s growing their followers at an unprecedented rate.

 From neighbor to celebrity you never know who’s famous online around you. Taking a look at Jennifer Messina, this is a prime example of “behind the scenes popularity.” Jennifer used to sit at around 18k followers before she started using Close Connects.

“Less than a year later here I am at almost 600k followers.”

 Jennifer spoke on about how dedication and investing into your career really goes a long way. Close Connects I completely agree with her, there’s so many people that give up as quick as they start. You have to be persistent, and know what you want. Learn how to use Instagram ads!

“Using Close Connects did more than just grow my followers, they brought me opportunities I overlooked on the daily.”

Being confused how to properly start a brand or even a music career can be a headache in itself. Sometimes the best thing we can do is our own research. I tried out a 3 month growth plan with Close Connects and I can say this much.
1.) I grew over 25k followers
2.) I’m more aware of what I’m doing
3.) I’m building more connections almost daily
This service is definitely one worth your dollar. You can find more about them from the official website below.


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