Beastie Boys-themed holiday card by Toronto family goes viral | CBC News


Beastie Boys-themed holiday card by Toronto family goes viral | CBC News

When Angela Young added a video component to her yearly tradition of creating a holiday card for family and friends, using Beastie Boys music was an easy choice.

So Young and her two children — Lilah and Levi Zelikman — all decked out in matching outfits, took to Toronto streets to recreate the video for the 1998 song Intergalactic.

“We are huge fans of the music video,” Young told CBC Toronto on Thursday.

“Something about that music video always stood out to me as a really amazing way to have so much creativity even on what seems like such a low budget … To be able to do that with my kids this year was super fun.”

After sharing the video with family and friends on Facebook, Young said a co-worker encouraged her to share it with the public on YouTube, because “people might like it.”

“So, I did and it just went crazy,” she said.

In the video, Young and her children can be seen dancing in the city’s PATH tunnels, at Union Station and other familiar places.

Since the video was posted on Tuesday, it has garnered more than 103,000 views.

“My phone has been blowing up and everyone’s texting me,” said Young, who works as a video editor.

“I’m so used to working behind the cameras. This is kind of all very foreign for me. I’m no stranger to TV and advertising and stuff, but having people being able to connect with you directly over the internet is kind of wild.

“As a creative person that’s the ultimate goal, just to make something that makes people feel good especially at this time of year. It just feels really good to have your work connect with people; and for it to be something that’s shared with the kids as well, that’s really fun,” she said.

Young, seen here with Lilah, far left, and Levi, says she’s ‘surprised and just flattered’ by the response. (Grant Linton/CBC)

Meanwhile, Lilah and Levi are over the moon with their new fame.

“We have a lot of compliments. It’s really crazy,” said Lilah, 6. “It’s really fun to watch myself on YouTube.”

Levi, who is in senior kindergarten, likes it “when people ask me for my autograph.”

Young admits that she was a little apprehensive about posting the video online because there are “so [many] haters on the internet.”

But she says she’s “surprised and just flattered” by the response.

“It’s just been a really amazingly collective feeling of just good vibes.”


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